Day 11: unDistracted

Thinking about Noah.

God says he is going to flood the earth, it has never rained before, and he wants him to build a massive Ship to carry 7 of every clean animal, and 2 of every unclean.

All animals, insects, and birds.


But, heres the thing. Noah wasn’t involved in politics, wasn’t into the later fashion, he didn’t know the newest entertainer, or have anything to do with the greatest athlete. He had nothing to so with the culture of the day.

In fact Noah was only focused on the Ark. Night and day, just the ark. Saving people and getting the ark ready.

This is just a thought, but, could it be that God wants this for his Church today, Not to be involved with the culture of the world but focus on building the Ark (church) and saving people?

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Day 9: weekend? Check

Pictures, cleaning, unpacked, relaxing, western day, nap…

I’d say this was a pretty good weekend! Only a few weeks til Makaayla shows up and then the real fun begins. We get to have a couple showers too, and I just got the price on the office bill, not too bad, God will provide!

Getting ready for Christmas now, and hopefully on to days soon. Just checking in, here is a neat to do list I found.

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Day?: Seriously?!

“actually I have to interview u for 2nd shift supervisor”
It was like getting a cake, and realizing that it’s just an iced cardboard box, pretty, looks tasty, but not real.

I would love to get promoted, and with a baby coming it would be awesome to have the money.

Wisdom, is my friend, and she is telling me that eternally this would be dumb to walk away from my responsibilities and opportunities.

Thank you wisdom, and thank you Jesus! This means I’m one step closer to days.

Pray I get interviewed for Zms!

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Day 4ish: freight train

Oy! 9 hours of stocking at walmart can give you such a crick in the neck!

Today I’m waking up literally sensing a spatula pulling me off the bed like a pancake stuck to a griddle, or mayhaps an unlucky cockerspaniel on a two lane highway.

Many don’t realize this, but working overnight isn’t like anything else. My body doesn’t get sunlight so it lacks nutrients, I don’t get certain things others get when sleeping at night. So the energy I get when I wake up is what I use all day, bleh. Chemicals like caffiene only go so far.

But, God, supplies the strength needed to make it.

So next time you see an overnight stocker, give him a hug. 🙂

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Day2-3: from blasted to blessed

Its raining and suddenly the electric goes out, I called to report an outage, turns out my elec. Co. Tranfered power to wrong address, the next day after much attempts and calls they turn it on :)! So i called
at&t to find out why my net wasnt on, and they too transfered it to the wrong place. Praise God, my bill is now half the cost for highest speed all yr round, and we get $50 taken off first bill! What a crazy couple of days! Almost done unpacking and ready to decorate, glad my wife is super organized and putting together he team of super friends to get it done.

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Day 1

A blog? Why not. Seems simple enough, but why start one? Maybe to share, maybe to show people my life, not to see me but Him. I think it would be cool to look back and read what it has been like. Well enough of that, here is a neat picture. 🙂

Behold BatVader!!!

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