Subtle inquisition

A lot has happened since March of last year. Yet to me it seems as though this journey started a few years before that. I do not understand how people can take certain scriptures from the Bible and hold them high, and yet deny so many others.

Jesus said the Pharisees main problem was that they didn’t love people. They upheld the law, and even went above and beyond to obey it. Yet their love for others was shriveled behind their facade of plastic righteousness.

Here in these last days it seems as though the New Covenant suffers from the same plague. Pharisees who see themselves as carrying great knowledge, and holding such wonderful truth, yet love fades behind walls of man-made traditions, unfair expectations, and five star legalism.

I hope and pray that they wake up and realize the truth of their actions and the error of their ways.


I finally believe that I have clear direction for my life’s purpose. I finally have an indication for why I’ve endured so much loss, suffering, and betrayal. The picture is coming into view and their is hope at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that God has positioned me, and is working through me to bring about an absolutely earth shattering change, and impactful event that will draw the church into a unity the world has never seen before.

I truly believe that if I will just get ahold of what God has shown me, and hang on to this adventure ride called life, that we will truly see the world change before our eyes.


About Wayne Moore

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