The sky is falling

Have you ever had a week that it looked like all of hades was going to break loose?

This was an interesting week but I believe God taught me some things.  

Basically I went to work on a fridge and it didn’t work. I had to go to the man’s house, Dr. Jekyl I’ll call him, and he had a few things to tell me. First he was polite, and then slowly as the serum, or alcohol or whatever took over he let me have it. Standing in his kitchen the man revealed to me his status. He owns four businesses including one for app development. He can fly wherever he wants to in the world, and has a high powered attorney. He has an investigation against our company and will soon begin to proceed with legal things if the fridge isn’t fixed. It’s been too many times that we have been out there. Now whether or not you believe he was serious he had a pretty convincing story. I listened to him cuss and accuse and speak ill of the company, and then say he likes me, I’m a nice guy but it’s the company and blah blah blah. 


I called my boss. 

At the time I didn’t feel like chicken little but I sure sounded like it. I told him everything and he told me we would go there the next day, put in the part, and fix it. 

I wanted him to help me describe the impending doom that i thought was real. He didn’t and called me a while later. We had a very long talk. 

I picked up the part in Dallas the next day, and eventually made it over to Mr. Hyde’s. 

We found the issue and my dreams of destruction were dashed. I didn’t want things to be destroyed but I was convinced. But God showed me something through this. 

It’s never as bad as it seems. 

God isn’t surprised, and it’s always better to take the low road, remain humble, and be still and know that he is God. 

The sky is not falling. 


About Wayne Moore

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