Where was I?

Well a lot has happened in 1,708 days. So I’m not going to try and fill you in with everything that has happened. One, because I don’t know of anyone who reads this. Two, because I am writing this more for therapy than anything else. 

Long story short within 5 years I’ve lost 5 people, changed jobs, got raises, had two kids, and our marriage is going strong. I’m still involved in ministry and I am still living for God. 
But the most recent craziness to happen to me personally is a car wreck. I always joked about the talking heads, and plagiarizing billboards warning against looking at the phone, or texting while driving. They say 

Everything can change in a split second 

Well excuse me while I pick the crow out of my teeth. It happened. Driving home from work, and planning my wife’s birthday celebration, I looked down for a split second, and when I looked back up all I could see were the tail lights of the braking traffic. I quickly slammed on my brakes and slammed into the back of a pickup at about 45mph. 

All I could feel was pain. Searing pain. I said 

Hallelujah Jesus. Hallelujah Jesus. Hallelujah Jesus…

Over and over again. 

I waited for the impact of the vehicle from behind and thankfully I never got hit. My tools were in my trunk and I surely would have taken my last breath. 

As the pain continued to increase all I could think about was my future. I said

I can’t die like this. I have a purpose. I have a calling. God has told me I would be something. I have a mantle. 

I walked away from the crash, careless but hopeful. I can always get another vehicle. Hopefully another $500 cash 1991 Honda Accord. But eternity is forever and I pray I can fulfill the will of God for my life here before crossing into glory land. 

I am so grateful to have my wife, kids, church, Pastor, job, and mostly my God. Without the protection of the Lord and his provision for me life I wouldn’t be here right now. My wife would be a single mother, jobless, trying to raise two children on her own. God is good. 

🎶He thought I was worth saving.🎶



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